CCY Chain System

CCY is based on Ethereum's standard ERC20 token, totaling 660 million.

The CCY token will be officially upgraded to the CCY chain after the CCY main online line. The CCY chain is a typical standard public chain with POC as the consensus mechanism. CCY Great Wall Chain is a global “blockchain + financial services + asset management” ecological chain created by Singapore Yixiu Capital and CCY Fund. CCY tokens are used as a contributor to the early stage of ecological construction, aiming to achieve value consensus and international transactions. Platforms, landing applications, etc., to create a reasonable, open, transparent, decentralized financial service platform, to achieve financial services, asset management industry traceability and services, in order to serve all participants of the CCY ecosystem.


Resource interconnection promotes market value management of CCY

1. Construct an ecosystem with CCY as the public chain and develop an independent CCY wallet ecosystem;
2. Take CCY as the token of the rest capital ZBK international trading platform;
3. Constructing DAPP financial service platform with multiple investment modes;
4. Incubation of global quality projects;
5. Create a complete block chain application ecosphere.


Traceability Platform

CCY will cooperate with global commodity plantations and commodity distributors to initiate the establishment of commodity Traceability Technology Research Center to jointly promote the application of large data Traceability Technology in commodity industry. Starting from tracing the origin of commodities, tracking and recording every link of the commodity industry chain, standardizing planting and production, anti-counterfeiting and fidelity, and ensuring the true information of each bottle of commodities. Through block chain technology to ensure the integrity and authenticity of all traceability data, establish the most important trust mechanism of the commodity industry, and promote the healthy development of the commodity industry. Establish CCY big data platform of commodity industry big data center to guide the whole life cycle from production to sales according to the results of big data analysis. CCY will strengthen its cooperation with distributors of global product plantations and regions, jointly establish a large data center for commodity industry, and create a large data platform for CCY by tracking and collecting data from various links of commodity industry chain.


POC mining machine

The creation of the CCY Ecology will be built with 100 million CCY tokens as an early contributor before the launch of the mining machine. And cumulatively destroyed 50 million pieces in different ways of community autonomy. The main network develops a total of 610 million CCY chains, and the market circulation of 50 million pieces will be used to calculate the remaining 560 million CCY chains by mortgage to the POC mining machine.


DAPP Financial Services

CCY will fully implement the financial services ecosystem, such as: A, financial management Wealth mining pools, ecological farms, etc. B, commodity trading Product traceability, logistics, online and offline transactions, etc. C, P2P finance Guaranteed transactions, creditor's rights transfers, credit loans, etc. D, personal and corporate credit Personal and corporate credit history and information. E, insurance Open up front-end channels, mid-end underwriting and back-end reinsurance to build an insurance ecosystem. F, more financial fields Funds, securities, bonds, etc.


Quality project incubation

With CCY as the public chain ecology, it provides blockchain transformation services for high-quality enterprises, issues high-quality project tokens, establishes a commercial complex that everyone can participate in, and realizes the use of project products, services, and tokens through the use of blockchain technology. Circulation, create a complete blockchain application ecosystem.

About CCY

CCY White Paper


        The Great Wall Chain (CCYChain, hereinafter referred to as CCY) is the world's first ecological chain based on blockchain + financial services + asset management. Leverage the freedom, development and fairness of the blockchain to enable the financial services and asset management industries to develop more efficiently, optimize financial services and asset management systems, reduce the risks and costs of financial services and asset management, and realize financial services and asset management industries. Open, open and transparent development. CCY proposes and implements the solution of blockchain technology + financial services + asset management for the problems of financial services and asset management industry, solves the problem of lack of trust and trust in related fields; strengthens the value enhancement and industry assets of the entire industry. Mobility; through the application of CCY (token abbreviation) and community promotion, to popularize and accelerate the dissemination of financial services and asset management related industries, to form a new and unique blockchain ecological ecology, but also a commercial truth, let Finance has become simple!


CCY token

Total issuance of tokens: 660,000,000 CCY

CCY is a Token based on ETF ERC20 standard. The holding of CCY represents its reputation and value in CCYChain community.
When ERC20 passport will be used for community construction of 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 in the early stage, CCY will map to CCYChain passport after the main network line, and get the reward of the foundation for the early participants.


Development Plan

CCY1.0 (completed)
Community Construction Plan
  • On-line ZBG Exchange.
  • Establish community, build value consensus, recruit 200 group owners and accumulate more than 100,000 fans.
CCY2.0 (completed)
Community Consensus Program
  • Establish community consensus through daily check-in, treasure-taking alliance and candy distribution.
CCY3.0 (completed)
Community Autonomy Program
  • CCY Farm: Core Experience
  • The circulation of 100 million CCYs was distributed, and 50 million CCYs were destroyed through games, transactions and other forms. Implementing CCY Value Promotion and Recommending Ecological Development
Main Network Line, Miner Appearance
  • Main line/mining machine/DAPP/wallet Online
  • Put out the miner, and use the remaining 50 million CCY in the 3.0 stage as a calculation to mine, and apply DAPP and wallet to the trading scene.
Complete the CCY public chain
  • International trading platform online
  • Complete CCY public chain building, and become a trading platform token, shaping a stable CCY value.
Planning of CCY Chain Financial Service Platform
  • Based on this, CCY Fund will build a decentralized financial service platform integrated with global high-quality projects.
Team Introduction

Executive Team

Xiaohua Wang
Chairman of The Genealogy Chain System foundation

Founder of The GCS Foundation

Gang Zheng
Early Investor

Director of Northwest Region of Jingdong Group

Yuan Yao
Senior Consultant

Storm Capital Partner, founder of wescope

Anthony Tao
Business Consultant

IBM Canada: Global Technology Services Business Executive (GTS), Senior IT Architect of Cloud Computing Technology ,Intel China: Regional Vice President (IT department)

Technical Consultant

Derak He
Technical Director

Experts in the field of big data cloud computing, R&D experts under the mobile Internet architecture, own a number of independent intellectual property rights for software development; Leading and implementing a number of large-scale IT projects, including IBM, Symantec, etc.

Yuhong Liu
Chief Technical Officer

Master of Physics, Peking University, senior researcher in the field of blockchain, PUNCH technical consultant, proficient in various blockchain standards and protocols, first proposed the new energy layout of the blockchain of solar + mining network, dedicated to promoting blockchain technology The application of the industry has landed.

Shi Chen
Technical Consultant

Ph.D. in physics from Peking University. His research interests include distributed simulation of nuclear reactions and high-performance computing. He uses a point-to-point connection between idle computers and smart devices to create a simulation simulation platform for inter-satellite distributed self-organizing nuclear reactions, which is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Maode Wang
Technical Consultant

Founder of EtherWarship, FCoin Independent Security Auditor, Senior Ethereum Engineer, has long been engaged in information security technology research, proficient in blockchain infrastructure, consensus design and digital asset trust.

Xudong Lian
Technical Consultant

Researcher of Information Science, Xiamen University, senior expert in artificial intelligence, National Key Laboratory of Plasma and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Xiamen University, engaged in medical imaging artificial intelligence research, and presided over the development of top AI application projects such as AI-vision digital camera visual navigation system.



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